March 2011 Star Mompreneur – Shara Benton from Cosmic Creations Design Studio

Meet Shara Benton, mom of one, and owner of Cosmic Creation Design Studios where she develops a professional and modern presence on the web for her clients. Shara is a work at home mom. She has an inspiring story to share and I think you will really enjoy her take on Mompreneurship and working from home.


Read on to learn more about Shara and Cosmic Creations Design Studios…

 1. Tell us a little about yourself and about Cosmic Creation Design Studios
My name is Shara, I am a 25 year old work at home/entrepreneur and like most of you, a mom. I have one little guy who is 5 – his name is Nathan. I am married to my best friend and high school sweetheart, Rob, for 7 years now. I have been apart of the work at home scene for about 7 years as well, and I am definitely an entrepreneur at heart. Cosmic Creations Design Studio is my creative outlet and allows me to offer design services to moms, small business owners, home based business owners, and individuals at a rate they can afford and in return, they get a design they love. 

2. What inspired you to start Cosmic Creation Design Studios Studios?
I actually started designing websites about 4 years ago for myself. I had started with a Network Marketing company and my team was in desperate need of an easier method to train (vs. email). So, I started working through a company that offered a site builder program. My first website wasn’t half bad but I have definitely come A LONG way from that. I took the choice of designing my own website over hiring a designer because back then (I know it’s only been 4 years, but the internet has really evolved since then) finding an affordable web designer online was very hard. I was passionate about designing from the beginning and very quickly evolved into an avid web designer. I decided that this was the career choice for me and I decided to go to school for design (I graduated in December). Over that last 4 years I have taken on projects for friends/family/colleagues, this and my search for an affordable web designer in the beginning, inspired me and I wanted offer affordable web design services that were available to everyone. I believe that EVERYONE in EVERY business/blog/situation deserves to have a web presence, my goal is to create a web presence that you can be PROUD of and that your budget can afford. So, from that Cosmic Creations Design Studio was born.

3. Tell us about some of your latest work..
I am currently working on a website for a church that will be featuring music downloads (it’s their original music), bible study areas, etc. I am also working on an affiliate/business/information website for another client. I have created NUMEROUS websites as portfolio builders that were for no particular client – but to show what I can do. I have built 2 childcare websites (which I LOVE to do), and made many graphics such as buttons, badges, headers, logos, etc. Then there is always the Cosmic Creations website I evolve and I want my website to reflect that. So, I am always brewing up something new :)

4. What keeps you motivated?
My love for design is what drives me. I eat, sleep, and breathe web design. I probably take “avid” to the extreme at times :D. My son always keeps me motivated. Daycare has been apart of our lives twice, out of necessity, but it is not the path that I want for my son’s childhood. I want to be HOME (which I am) and I want to STAY home. Nathan starts Kindergarten in August and with that, as most of you know, comes a lot of fun stuff that I want to be involved in. I missed his first year and the firsts that go with it because I worked way too many hours in the corporate world and to be frank, I REFUSE to miss anymore. He only has one childhood.

My family – It is just me, my best friend/husband/lover :) – Rob, and our one amazingly, fantastic, smart little boy – Nathan. We have one 4-legged kid – Axle – who is a white American Bulldog and we just lost my lovable Boston Terrier, Jazzy to causes unknown. I have one little sister and one big brother, both whom I love to death but also drive me crazy sometimes :) That’s pretty normal, at least here anyway!

5. What do you love most about being a mompreneur? 
Flexibility. While I believe that even though I work at home, I still work and my business is my job, so I treat it as such. BUT I LOVE having the flexibility to take a day off if I need too, without asking for anyone’s approval.

I also love being able to spend time with my son, we frequent the park, library, and story time almost every week and that is nice to be able to do.

6. How do you balance work, kids and household chores?
I live by the mentality that it is easier to clean a small mess than a big mess, so the key is to never let it get out of control. Daily Maintenance is a whole lot easier than trying to clean a week’s worth of mess. My son and I also have an understanding about where his toys belong and the words “living room” is not in that understanding :). I also try to work the same hours every day to help with routine. My son knows when it’s time for Momma to work and so that makes its a lot easier. Everyone has to balance their routine out the way it works but the key is to achieve that balance or there will be a whole LOT of crazy going on in your home.

7. What advice would you give other moms considering starting their own business?Find something that you are PASSIONATE about, something that you LOVE to do and that doesn’t feel like work to you – whether you decide to become a consultant with a company or do like I have done and start your own business (I have been both) – it doesn’t matter, either way, you have to enjoy what you do or you won’t do it for long. The KEY to SUCCESS is consistency and longevity. You can’t build success if you don’t stay in one place for very long. So, think long and hard about what you’re passionate about, do your research, and then go from there. And, don’t be scared. PURSUE your DREAMS, the very worst thing that can happen is that it doesn’t work. BUT wouldn’t you rather say you tried and didn’t succeed than to live your life wondering IF it could have worked.

8. What mistakes did you make when you were starting out? What did you learn from them?
I let excitement cloud my mind and set my initial expectations (not goals) too high. You have to realize that no matter which path you take (consultant or business owner) it takes TIME to generate a flow of traffic/clients/customers to your business. Be prepared for that. Don’t let it discourage you, because no matter what people tell you, it doesn’t happen over night. And yes, there will probably be tears of frustration and joy – it is part of the process and it is OK. I have learned that you have to be reasonable in your expectations and dream BIG in your goals. They balance one another out.

9. What are your future plans for Cosmic Creation Design Studios Studios?
After my son starts school and I graduate, I am going to open my business in a “brick & mortar” location for local clients. I would LOVE to have that goal met by Summer of next year. I would also like to add servers to my business at some point, but I haven’t set a goal for when – it’s still just a thought :).

10. Where can our readers get more information about Cosmic Creation Design Studios and stay connected?
Our website is: – We are in the process of tweaking again so be prepared for changes :)

We have a Facebook Page at:

You can follow me on twitter at:

All of our fans/followers receive $50 off their Design Purchase – See “Fan Discounts” tab on Facebook for the code.

We are also giving away design to 3 readers – visit  to enter. Best of Luck!

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