June 2011 Star Mompreneur – Pamela Zwicky from Babyproofit

Pamela Zwicky from Babyproofit is our star mompreneur this month. Babyproofit provides one-stop professional child proofing services and high quality safety devices to help parents and care givers keep their most valuable asset – their child – safe. Babyproofit offer a personal in-home child safety consultation, recommendation of safety devices, and expert installation. In addition to their great products, they charge NO HST and are offering free shipping to western Canada throughout the summer!

Read on to learn more about Pamela and Babyproofit. They are also giving away a FREE TOILET LOCK (including shipping) worth $25 to one lucky reader.

Tell us a little about yourself and about Babyproofit.
We are a family business started out of own necessity to child proof our home. It was a challenge on Vancouver Island to find quality safety products that worked in our 100 year old house and as we joined more parents at baby groups the need became local and universal. At which time we decided to create a parent resource site and selling trusted and high quality safety items from KIDCO and other great partners. 

What inspired you to start Babyproofit?
Our toddler now 2 who continues to inspire us daily. 

Tell us about some of the latest products?
KIDCO Safety gates, locks and electrical, kitchen and bath safety products from a variety of distributors are the most popular with families of adventurous tots.

The Little Partners Learning tower and the Salus Life Vests are our newest products and are excellent as well ! 

What do you love most about being a mompreneur?
The sharing of education and the ability to interact with other successful mommies in business.

 How do you balance work, kids and household chores?
We have tremendous staff and balance is a challenge but we love our life. 

What advice would you give other moms considering starting their own business?
Do your research! Whether it is online,, or for us library articles and marketing support resources online.  A sphere of influence and a business plan for networking helps a lot too!

What mistakes did you make when you were starting out? What did you learn from them?
Dealing with import challenges and trying to get government to consider a child tax credit … We are really pushing for this tax credit hard.

What are your future plans for BabyProofit?
Possible franchise of the Brand Babyproofit and more Safety partner collaboration over time. 

Where can our readers get more information about BabyProofit and stay connected? Website – Babyproofit.ca
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Babyproofit/132574383436817
Twitter – http://twitter.com/Babyproofit

One lucky reader can win a Toilet Lock with free shipping worth $25. Click on the image below for details.

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